Friday, August 14, 2009

You're so vain...

I was playing Titan Quest:Immortal Throne the other day, and during my play time I looted a magic chest piece of armor from a mob that was nice enough to give his life so that I can have it. I looked over the stats and they seemed decent so I decided to equip the chest piece.

At that point I couldn't tell you if it was truly an improvement because it was such an ugly piece of armor that I quickly took it off and sold it to the nearest merchant. Then it hit me, I've done this same thing in other games as well. Just recently in Age of Conan I purchased a set of armor that I wear when in towns for looks and my normal armor for when I am out adventuring. Back when I would play SWG, I would always have a set of combat clothing or armor and a set for when I was just doing mundane stuff.

So is it ever ok to not wear a piece of armor or clothing because it just plain looks bad, or is that just taking things a bit to serious in a game?

I must not be the only gamer who thinks this because EQ2, SWG and LOTRO have what are called appearance tabs. The appearance tabs allow you to customize your look without taking benefits of the stats on the items should there be any.

Now if only I could make what I wear in real life match like I try in my wife would like that.

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