Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pyramid of the Ancients

The other day I told about my venture into the Treasury of the Ancients, now I get to go into the Pyramid of the Ancients. The nice thing is that PotA is a solo dungeon, and it's right at my level which a great thing.

First impression is that the dungeon is big, very big. It also has some boss fights that make you actually think, something I have not had to do much yet. Because of this I got my tail kicked a few times last night from the Cult Spellmaster and Amun-Keket himself.

I was unable to defeat Amun-Keket last night, and when I logged back in today to try, the dungeon had reset itself, so I must clear out the mobs again, something that I don't mind doing as it will be some nice XP.

I did happen to take some screenshots, so if I will at some point post those with the results of my second venture into the Pyramid!

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