Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pyramid of the Ancients part II

I have finally found something in Age of Conan that has made the game not fun, Amun-Keket from the Pyramid of the Ancients. That fat tard has owned my ass more that my wife in the last few nights, I actually thought I might have a coronary tonight!

As you fight your way through the dungeon, you will pick up four items that will help you ward off a certain attack that he performs, which ward to use is dependant on what buff he has cast on himself. Starting art %100 he will have his unholy buff, at %75, %50 and %25 he will switch to a new buff. But even if you are using the correct ward, he will use the other attacks as well, the buff just allows him to hit with massive damage.

My problem is that I seem to take some real heavy damage even if I am using the correct ward. But as I look through the combat log, I can not tell what it was that would make my health drop so fast, making the whole encounter very frustrating indeed!

On a good note I did make level 40 tonight which I am really happy about. I love this game, but holy crap do I need to take a small break after tonight! So with Champions Online head start kicking off tomorrow, I think I will give AoC a rest for at least one night.

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