Monday, August 17, 2009

Busy Monday.

Today has turned out to be a busy one on the gaming front. On the beta front Aion wraps up its sixth closed beta event, and two more go into open beta status, Champions Online and Fallen Earth.

Speaking of Champions Online, the NDA has been lifted and we are now all allowed to talk about what we as testers liked or did not like about the game thus far. I will put together some thoughts I had while I was testing the game in a few days maybe. What I will say now is that I hope the open beta client runs better than the closed beta client.

And how about the announcement of Everquest Next? I know that EQ2 is going on it's five year anniversary, and it has aged really well, but is it time for a new Everquest? SOE has done a great job making EQ2 a great game with the release of a ton of content with expansion packs and free game updates, but why a new Everquest? Two possible reasons could be that with the release of every expansion came a level cap increase, so instead of going higher, why not start fresh. I also think that a new game allows for a new graphics engine, one that will look a bit more modern in comparison. EQ2 looked great five years ago, but the graphics are becoming very dated when compared to MMO's out today.

Like I said, busy for a Monday.

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DM Osbon said...

Funny you say that about EQ2 as I am downloading the free trial to give it my first ever look...