Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Not many changes really.

Well I thought I was going to do more changes to the blog. As it turns out not so much. I messed around with some color changes, even thought of changing to a different template, but I like this one for now. But at some point I might change the colot scheme some, who knows.

What I did do was add some blogs to the blog read list, took a few out, and added a few more links as well. I don't know about others, but there are a few websites and blogs that I do read on a near consistant basis, and many that I read often, but not daily. The main reason for this is because I have found that I spend a large amount of time reading, and leaving me little time for other things, mainly gaming, before or during work. I rarely check anything out once I get home from work, I use that time to get my game on!!


DM Osbon said...

Have only just added a 'blogroll' for the first time to any of my recent blogs. Am not sure how useful to readers it really is.

I haven't done any gaming for 6 weeks which I'll be talking about in a future post.

Jayedub said...

As a reader I have found a few cool blogs from some one's blogroll. As a blogger, well I use it more as a quick and easy way to read some blogs. Much quicker that navigating the favorites menu in IE.

Which reminds me, I need to add your new blog I believe.

Ysharros said...

Looking at the "People clicked {this link}" stuff on my blog admin, it seems that people mostly click links in posts (duh), but quite a few do seem to click other stuff, i.e. the blogroll. So it may not do much, but it is useful to some folks.

Besides which, for me, it's a way of shouting out to the blogs I enjoy reading and/or the blogs I want to encourage with what tiny traffic I can generate for them and/or the blogs I think deserve the props.

Besides, if people link to me, I'm usually happy to return the favour -- seems like basic blog courtesy (my version of it anyway). There are a couple of people who apparently think my blog isn't good enough for them though (nobody here and naming no names, sorry :D), and I'm damned if I'm driving traffic to anyone who thinks I'm good enough to link to them but not vice-versa.

That said, it's your site. There's NO obligation to have any kind of blogroll at all.

And finally, if you're still reading blogs by individual visits, you really REALLY need to set up some RSS feeds, my man. :D Remember, you can skip the ones you don't want to read that day (I do that quite a bit, with 120 or so sites feeding into my reader.)

Jayedub said...

Ysh, your blog is good enough for everybody! I will give this magical reader a try!