Saturday, August 22, 2009

What a week...

Man what a busy week this has been, but after today I can look forward to three days off, muuuuaahahaha. In the real life realm, my Dad and I traveled up to Eureka, CA on Wednesday night, and then on Thursday we cleared out my Mom's storage unit. My Mom passed away eight years ago and I have been paying on the storage ever since. Changing around work schedules, driving around 700+ miles total, loading and unloading a 16' box truck with stuff, and all the while trying to play as much Champions Online as I can has made me a bit tired. But the week is almost over, and I am really thankful for the help my Dad gave me this week.

On the gaming front you've got info coming out of Gamescom, Blizzcon this week, and of course the Champions Online open beta. I did resub to Warhammer Online last week, but that is looking like bad timing because I haven't played that nor Age of Conan at all this week because of the moving and Champions. I am suppose to get a review copy of Champions from Atari, but I am still on the fence as the whether or not I will play after the first month.

September will be busy with Champions, Aion, NHL 10 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, I love it!


Anonymous said...

You playing Champions Online! I'm starting to warm to it myself! At first I rebelled at its similarities with COH/COV...but now it's quite comforting!

DM Osbon said...

EQ2(trial), Mass Effect, Dead Space & Wolfenstien(review copy)...that's before FIFA 10 in sept.

Jayedub said...

Dead Space was a surprise for me, I thought it was great. Are you going to do a review for Wolfenstien? And how's Mass Effect going so far?

CO is almost like CoH 2.0 really. But I am having alot of fun so far, it might be my second MMO next to AoC of course!