Saturday, August 8, 2009

***SPOILER ALERT*** GI JOE The Movie Thoughts

So last night I went to see the GI Joe movie for my birthday. So here are some quick thoughts I had about the movie, nothing special but there are a couple of spoilers, so beware.

Let's start with the bad shall we;
  • The love connection of Baroness and Duke. Was too coincidental and don't remember it happening in the old cartoons.
  • The Baroness being under the effects of mind control and suddenly coming out of it to rescue Duke. It was at this point the movie was mostly ruined for me because it was LAME!!
  • Snake-eyes' suit has a mouth, and it looks stupid.
  • Who the hell is Heavy-Duty and Breaker? Could they pick any lesser known Joes?
  • Lots of CGI.
  • The crazy doctor is really Cobra Commander, wow who could have guessed that one.
  • Lastly, we get to see Cobra Commander's face. BOOOOOO.

So now onto some of the good;

  • The casting was great. I have no problems with who played whom, it worked for me.
  • The acting for the most part was actually very good, and I liked the movies light hearted humor, really helped.
  • The flash back sequences for Storm-shadow and Snake-Eyes was wonderful.
  • Arnold Voslo+Zartan=AWESOME!!! His character was great, was really the only believable evil character in the movie.
  • Speaking of The Mummy cast reunions, was nice to see Brendon Frazier and Kevin J. O'Connor as well.
  • The Baroness is hot.

I knew that the movie and the cartoon were going to differ, but the whole Duke, Baroness, Cobra Commander triangle was hard to accept. Dennis Quaid is an awesome actor, but he needed to tone it down just a bit. The cast, the humor and the acting are what keep this movie from being a waste. But the story is predictable and not very good. I was for the most part enjoying the movie up until the Baroness rescue of Duke thing, after that I was just plain bored for the remainder of the film.

Ten years ago Stephen Sommers did The Mummy, one of my all time favorite movies. Unfortunately it seems that many of the things that made that movie great have been replaced with a boat load of CGI instead.

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