Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hot potato, hot potato...

Well the hot topic on the blog'o'sphere happens to be Champions Online. More specifically the some what debacle with the Lifetime and 6 month subscription offers. In a semi-weird move Cryptic decided to offer these two subscriptions as a limited time only, presumably till the game launched on September 1st.

But then suddenly a couple of days ago word came down that there were only limited Lifetime and 6 month subs left. That announcement was met with some anger, but not nearly as much as when the announcement that there were no longer any more of the special subs left.

Personally I think Cryptic really screwed up on this one. If the subs were limited in number then they should have said something. And I also think that all the heat they are taking is warranted, and I also can understand why there are people who have decided to boycott the game.

I am not happy with the way things transpired, but I am going to go ahead and play the game anyways. I sort to have to because I agreed to do a review, but I am also having fun playing the game as well.

But I will say this, I do not blame those who have decided to not play the game because of this.

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