Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fable 2 thoughts!

Fable 2 has turned out to be the great game that I thought it was going to be. So much so that I have had to delay my play time of Fallout 3! This game is so much better than the first, graphics are great, fighting is wonderful, more things to do, and coop multiplayer that isn't great but it's there.

My only concern is that the story itself is rather short. There are a good number of other things to do in the game, but to me a lot of them feel like time sinks in order to mask the shortness of the actual game. Like the fact that I can get a job in the game, what's the point of that? I have job in real life, why would I want to work in a game that I am playing to relax! And the whole marriage thing too, at least being married in real life isn't as tedious as in the game.

But in all, this is a great game that everyone should play!

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