Thursday, October 2, 2008

Chaos take Altdorf, end is near!!

While reading Tobold's blog, I saw this post from today about how the forces of Chaos have already laid siege and taken the city of Altdorf, the Order capital city. For those who don't know, capital city sieges are suppose to be the uber end game content for Warhammer Online. I appears that a group of about 30 Chaos around 15 minutes to accomplish something that Mythic stated would take months.

You can read more on siege here. Personally this gives me an uneasy feeling. If the end game is that easy, then what is the point to playing till the end? I am not an end game type of player, but WAR is different. You're not raiding to get the coolest stuff, you're doing Realm vs Realm combat, fighting for your faction to the death!! If all it takes is a few minutes work, then it doesn't have the appeal that I thought it did.

Here's hoping the Mythic works on this quickly.

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