Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tired of NHL 09 online!

Last night had to be the worst time I have ever had playing some pick-up online team play in NHL 09. I play defense, I like playing defense, and I think I am pretty good at playing defence. I was a little rusty last night I will admit, I haven't played a game in about a week. But the verbal abuse I received last night was completely uncalled for.

Really I am just tired of the online aspect of NHL 09 now. I love the human factor with online play, but either there are no more team players, or I just have the worst luck in playing games with asshats who don't know how to play hockey as a team.

Here's how the night went; look for a game for almost ten minutes, finally get in one. Endure verbal assault on how to play hockey from a moron who only likes to hang on the other teams blue line so he can get the pass and make a crappy deke and turn the puck over, we lose 0-3.

Next game starts better, is better except for the elitist short power forward who is a massive puck hog. I turn the puck over once in front of the net which results in a score for the other team, it happens. Have to hear about more about how I need to play my position. Of course no mention of the many block shots I had, or the four assists. And we won this game 7-2!

Still, I press on and try one more game, and it freezes on me just before the end of the first period. Just the motivation I needed to end the night and go to bed.

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