Wednesday, October 8, 2008

WAAAGH Journal 2

Well, my second journal update still finds me with little to post about. I have hardly touched my Shadow Warrior, leveled my Warrior Priest to rank 8, and created a few Dustruction characters on a new server to try them out.

I did do some adventuring last night with my Warrior Priest. Started doing a chapter 4 public quest in Norsca. Eventually joined a group that was also doing the same quest. Once that was done, we moved to the chapter 5 PQ where I found myself dead on more than a few occasions. Seeing as how the mobs where rank 11 and higher, I found myself having little fun, so I joined the Nordenwatch scenario.

My experience there was even less fun. I got my virtual butt handed to me on a plate. So much so that I was actually looking back on my time with the Shadow Warrior more fondly. Alot has to do with the fact that there were alot of rank 10 and 11 Destruction players in the scenario, but that was little consolation.

WAR uses only three archetypes, Tank, DPS and hybrid Healer, with DPS broken into melee and ranged. After a bit of play time with both realms, I began to notice that the classes from both realms played very similar to one another. Well I decided to look into this, and found this at the Hammer Wiki.

-Mirror career is a career within a realm (either realm of Order or Destruction) that has a similar gameplay mechanic to a career from the opposite faction. The mirror careers are created in order to maintain balance among the factions, and also to give the players with certain gameplay preferences a choice between Order and Destruction, not forcing them to forego the preferred realm in order to get the desired gameplay.Mirror careers are also called Pairs or Paired careers.

It's great that I was able to pick up on the fact that the classes, or careers, played similar, not so great that they actually do.

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