Saturday, November 1, 2008

A little bit of WoW.

I finally decided last night to re-sub to WoW. Some of my friends have decided that WAR is not for them and have gone back to WoW. I've been interested in the new 3.0 patch content since reading about many months ago, but I am just not all that interested in WotLK right now.

the thought of grinding my lvl 70's to lvl 80 is just something that I am not looking forward to, no matter what the content is. The first expansion should not have raised the level cap, and been more focused on adding content to the 'old world' instead. But, it doesn't really matter now does it.

But I did have fun last night. I respecced to Prot for my warrior since I was the one needed to tank last night in the group. Prot is something that I have very little knowledge of, but I do know that I has alot of fun doing it.

As of now though, I still like WAR, and I really like my Black Orc. Who knows, maybe I'll just cancel both my MMO's and just play the Witcher Enhanced version that I bought recently!

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