Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What a difference...

Two months ago I was in the already apart of the closed beta for Champions Online. Two months ago I was fortunate to receive a beta code to participate in the Aion closed beta weekend events that would happen about every other weekend.

Two months ago I though Champions not a good game; it did not run well, I didn't understand the combat, and I was just bored. Two months ago I was blown away at how much I liked Aion; the game performed really well, looks wonderful, and the combat is great.

Two months ago I was looking forward to Aion. Two months ago I though Champions Online was not as good as City of Heroes and had no interest in it what so ever.

What a difference two months makes.

I think Champions is a slightly flaw but fun game that I am enjoying greatly. The game still has some performance issues, but again it's just so much fun to play. Aion still looks great, runs better that CO does by a long shot, but I find myself bored after awhile.

As it is now I have way too many MMO subs going and I am going to need to make decisions on which one or two I am going to stay with, and right now I don't know if I would stay with Aion after the free month, we shall see.


Jim said...

As for Aion, it is a been there seen that type game. Champions is fun and different enough from CoH that it keeps my interest. The other promising thing about Champions is the amazingly fast product fixes and upgrades. I just want someone to come up with an offline character builder soon. I am sick of gimping my chars due to poor planning

Jayedub said...

You need to go here:

It's a java based builder that does exactly what you are asking!

Jim said...

I didn't like it; It was too much flash and not enough info, no matter what I did the stats did not update. How can I build an uber character, if it doesnt tell me what sux?