Wednesday, September 2, 2009

That something old.

Have you ever tried something, let's say a game, and you liked it, even thought it was great in the beginning. But for one reason or another you decided to go back to something else, let's say another game, because there were some problems. And even though you were having fun, the game just wasn't doing it for you, possibly there was just not enough there to make it worth playing.

So now let's say that you are thinking of trying that old something out, let's say a game, because you remember having some fun at the time. But let's say that this time something is different, say a certain patch, and you are interested because this is exactly what you had hoped it would be back when you first tried it. Then, let's say that you find out that you like, no, love the old something that is now somewhat new, let's say a game, and you are happy that you gave it another shot.

Let's say that said game happens to be for me Age of Conan, a game that I did like when it was released, but was so empty on substance that I stopped playing. I came back to the game just after the 1.05 patch, and have been loving it ever since.

So has this happened to anyone else before?


Anjin said...

Ha ha! I see you have Openedge1's blog over in your sidebar, so I know you read it. He's the reason I tried AoC and I liked it quite a lot. I wasn't an early adopter of the game, so 1.05 was my first experience. AoC was a lot of fun. I only unsubbed because I was in a game hopping mood at the time. Definitely a game I'll be heading back to someday.

Jayedub said...

Yeah, reading OE1's blog was the push that I needed to get back into AoC, one I'm glad I did.