Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Champions Online Review

Well it's happened, I have written another game review, this time for Champions Online. The nice people at GameSquad were kind enough to humor me and post up the review on their site. You can read the review here.

A few words about the review, I stand by what I wrote, but it doesn't change the fact that I have fun when playing the game. The review was written a little over a weak ago and there has been some improvements in the game even in that short amount of time.

When a game is bad it's easy to give a low score for it. But when you really like a game and see that it has alot of potential, it's hard to overlook the negative aspects of the game and give it a really high score. The fact is that Champions could have used more time in development.

I like Champions because it's not fantasy based, it's easy to pickup, the combat is fun and you can play casually and still feel like you have accomplished something.


Yeebo said...

That was a great review. Balanced and informative imo.

Jayedub said...

Thanks, I appreciate the comment. I hope to do more reviews on a much more consistant basis.

Anjin said...

Echoing Yeebo, but adding that I'm impressed at your comprehensiveness. Excellent review.

Jayedub said...

I appreciate the kind words, but it helps to have a good editor as well to give some guidance.