Monday, September 21, 2009

Aion Headstart

Yesterday was the beginning of the Aion headstart. But things apparently did not go all that smooth for many. Long que times, crashes, or just not being able to log in seemed to plague some players yesterday.

I for one must have been lucky, I had none of those problems at all. Maybe it's because I was playing on a supposed West Coast server. Either way things went smooth and I made level 10 and ascended to become a Daeva.

Aion is not a bad game, in fact it is quite good. But it doesn't offer the EQ2, WAR, LOTRO or WoW player many things they don't already get in their respected games now. It's actually like all four of those games rolled into one pretty Asian looking game. I will need to play more of Aion to see if the late game is any different from the early part of the game. That could be the biggest problem, Aion could be this awesome great game when you get close to level cap.

Here's a topic for a post; may be the release of Aion shows that fantasy MMO's have hit the wall with regards to innovation.


Anjin said...

Ah, the dreaded wall of innovation. I don't think it's so much a wall as a steep curve. The amount of effort needed both innovate and arrive at something genuinely better may not be worth the investment. Especially since it's not enough to just be different. Enough games have tried to do different and everyone said "If it's not better than WoW, why not just go with what everyone is comfortable with?"

Am I making any sense? I'm at work and my head isn't working right.

Jayedub said...

Make sense to me, and I agree with you. I think you actually talked about this already, but I was just reflecting about all the talk about Aion from those in game and the bloggers on the comparison to this game and WoW.

Maybe instead of mentioning the whole innovation thing, I instead should have just said that it's possible that Aion is the way it is on purpose. The developers are not trying to reinvent the wheel, instead they blended ideas from other games with theirs.

Either way there seems to be alot of desire for something new in the fantasy mmo genre, and Aion would be it.