Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tough day of Aion.

To say that today was a huge disappointment for those wanting to play Aion would be an understatement. The problems began when the population of a small country tried to launch into the game at the same time this morning, and just continued to get worse from there.

To be fair, the first few hours were great. But sometime around 1pm things really began to fall apart. The game began to lag something fierce and hasn't let up much since. At first your attacks would not fire off, then eventually the rubber banding took over. Trying to quit and relog back in did not always fix the problem either. Sometimes if you tried to choose a server you would get an error telling you that you can not log into that server, followed by the game just exiting you out.

Now that was if you were smart enough to log out first. If you just chose quit and exited the game that way, you are truly screwed. The reason is the game will try to log into the last server you played on, and if there are problems all you get is a screen with no servers, and no way to exit the game normally.

I will say this, I like the game, but it's nothing that I nor any other MMO vet hasn't played before. But I am more that a little disappointed about the server issues Aion is having.

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Anjin said...

Better to get this all out of the way during open beta instead of during launch? /sigh

I could swear we just went through something like this recently. :)

Hope things improve soon. I want to hear about the good stuff. I'm sure you do too.