Friday, September 18, 2009

Hero Con

I happen to receive an email from NCSoft that Issue 16 for City of Heroes has gone live. Also the CoH exclusive Hero Con will be coming up and this year it is in San Jose! Last year Hero Con was in Santa Clara so there was no excuse to not go last year.

So why would I be interested in going if I don't have a sub to the game you ask? That is a good question, and maybe just to go and see what it's like would be the answer.

I have been interested in buying a game card for CoH just to see how the game is now, and to see the differences between that and CO. I haven't played CoH in awhile and there are some things I can remember and some that I can't, but CO is fresh in my mind so I would be able to tell what is different between them.

I just thought of another reason why I would want to go to Hero Con, to see all the people in their cosplay outfits!


Anjin said...

I was {figures held an inch about} that close to buying a ticket to the SOE Fan Faire this year, just for the opportunity to hang out with other MMO players. And I'm not even a huge fan of the games. I say go for it. The costumes have to be hilarious.

Jim said...

Furrys look good in pictures, the smell in person.

Yeebo said...

I've been thinking about resubbing to CoH to check out the changes. In particular, I'd like to compare the character customization to what's in CO now that CoH has added power color customization.

Jayedub said...

That's what I was thinking too.

I'll have to see about Hero Con, just not sure if I can afford it, the family is going to Disneyland at the end of the month for a few days.

Blue Kae said...

I've been considering a resub to CoH myself both to get some screenshots of my old characters to do a comparison of the CoH and Champions versions and to see how the new customization release is going.

Peer pressure might help me decide, anyone else have heroes on Virtue?

Jayedub said...

If my memory is correct I had a few on Justice and Freedom servers.