Thursday, September 24, 2009

MUA2 is now complete, sort of.

I have finally completed Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 as the Anti-Reg side. It didn't nearly take me as long as I thought would. I competed both sides of the story and unlocked all of the super heroes, with the Hulk being the last one for me to get. I still have some achievements that I want to get including trying out the co-op.

There are some really good things about this game that I like, and it is a lot of fun. But there are some things that are not so good either, like it feels really lite on extra features compared the other Marvel RPG's.

So is this game better that the first Marvel Ultimate Alliance? Well yes and no. But if you are looking for a fun super hero action RPG, then I would recommend MUA2.


Yeebo said...

OK, "yes and no" isn't enough for me to go on. Could you expand on the yes and the no a bit?

Sweet image btw :-)

Jayedub said...

I am finding that to be tough question to answer.

I bought the game because I loved the two X-Men Legends games and the first MUA. But I was disappointed on how short the game is and the amount of features that have been stripped out of MUA2.

If you haven't played the other Marvel RPG's then you don't know what you are missing. Regardless, it's a fun game and the graphics are great, but I would suggest renting it first before you buy.