Sunday, September 6, 2009

Aion today.

As I write this, I sit here in anticipation of the Aion open beta that will be starting in less than an hour. I just can't wait for the starting area to be flooded with thousands of players taking my kills and waiting for respawns. And who can forget the global chat that will no doubt have many references to how Aion sucks and is a WoW clone.

Seriously though I am excited to play Aion again, I really did enjoyed the closed beta sessions. I will be creating a female character named Collyssa, so if you see me, say hi!


Anjin said...

I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the game. Aion looks like a future "I'm bored" game to try out, sort of like EQ2 and AoC. Hope you have fun in the beta!

Jayedub said...

If you've played EQ2 or WoW and are tired of that formula, then I think you're right.

Actually playing some Aion today makes me appreciate the combat in AoC, and pretty much everything in Champions.