Friday, September 11, 2009

More Aion

Well it's Friday and the Aion open beta is almost over, and I find myself having little motivation to play more, at least not till the headstart. There's nothing particular that I don't like about the game, I think it's really well done, I am just bored.

I did level two classes to ascension, an Elysian scout and an Asmodian warrior. The warrior took me far less time and frustration to reach ascension than the glass canon that the scout is.

The one thing I did notice after playing both sides is that the started zones are nearly identical in progression. Both sides do have different quests, so they are not exactly the same, but when leveling my warrior I had a hard time shaking the feeling like I had just done all this before.

Maybe worse than just being a bit bored is the amount of running back and forth that you will do in the starter zone. One thing that makes Champions so fun is that you get a travel power about 1-2 hours into the game. Makes a tremendous difference in the game for me.

I do plan on writing a review for Aion, but I think it will take me a bit longer to finish because of the boredom factor. With my time being stretched between a few other MMOs and some awesome games coming really soon, I don't see myself playing this past the free thirty day time period.

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