Tuesday, September 29, 2009

LOTRO Lifetime sub at $200!!

I just read at Massively that Turbine has brought back the reduced lifetime subscription price of $200! I think I might just do it. When I pre-ordered LOTRO way back when, I had every intention of purchasing the lifetime sub at that time, but I didn't. And ever since then I have waiting for Turbine to reduce the price and now they have, at a time when I have free time left in Champions and Aion.

So now comes the tough part, convincing the wife that it's a good deal.


Anjin said...

Turbine did this at exactly the wrong time for me. Just one month ago before I resubbed to WAR, I might have done this. As it is, I can't see myself going back to LotRO for a good long time. Oh well.

Jim said...

LOTRO is not fun. It does incorporate everything I want in a MMORPG, it still just isnt fun.

Yeebo said...

Unless you are a screaming hardcore fan of LoTRO, I think the best deal is the three months for $30 deal that they have going. It nets you the mini expansion in December and an adventure pack with a lot of goodies for free (as does the lifetime sub).