Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How to Make an Unsuccessful MMO.

For a small indie developer it would be to make a blatant copy of the most successful MMO to date, but make the game less fun, less interesting and broken. I am of course talking about Alganon.

I would like to direct your attention to That's a Terrible Idea first. Once done there I would suggest heading over to Eldergoth next. Both sites feature a preview from the beta of Alganon, and they echo my sentiments exactly. I was given the opportunity to play Alganon this week and do my own preview for the game as well.

Alganon is a terrible WoW clone. I'm not talking about taking ideas from WoW, it looks just like the game. The menus, the graphics, the interface, everything looks like an exact copy from Blizzards behemoth. What might be the worst sin of all is that Quest Online thinks they can fool gamers into paying $15 a month for this game. Alganon should be avoided at all costs.


Anjin said...

After reading both of those previews, I don't blame you for spending much more time clogging up your own site. Yeesh. I'm all for borrowing proven quantities so you don't have to reinvent the wheel. But you need to end up with a round wheel afterward. Alganon sounds like the proverbial square tire.

Yeebo said...

Yow. What's pretty interesting is that even in those threads some apologists showed up. How badly does a game have to suck before no-one will defend it?

Jayedub said...

I would be more accepting of the game if it was on the f2p model, and the actual product matches what is being sold on the website.

But really, why play a bad clone of WoW, when I can play WoW itself.