Wednesday, October 21, 2009


It has finally happened. I am finally having some fun in Aion, and it only took about 45 hrs to do so. Basically I decided to give up on the Assassin and play a Chanter, and so far it has been the best decision since I started playing.

I played a Scout in closed beta and went Ranger instead of Assassin when the time came to choose. The Ranger wasn't bad but I wanted to try something different so that's why this time I chose the Assassin. I should have known the headaches that I was going to have because Scout became a huge pain to level up to 10 once the game was released. But I stuck with it and it's been anything but fun.

I have actually leveled all four archetype classes to 10 where you get you ascension quest and then choose your secondary class. If this sounds familiar, then you probably have played EQ2 back at launch. Of the four I would say that the Warrior was the strongest in the ten level tutorial and the Scout was the worst. The Mage and Priest fall somewhere in between, but both were pretty strong too.

Of the eight secondary classes I have yet to play the Cleric and the Spiritmaster. The Clereic would be the dedicated healing class and the Spiritmaster is a mage with a pet, and a stupid look pet.

The Chanter is a priest class and would be secondary healers. They could be compared to the Paladin in WoW, the Bard in DAoC, or better, the Warrior Priest in WAR. The Chanter is a melee class that has a decent heal and heal-over-time, but it's the Mantra's that make Chanters useful in groups.

Needless to say, I am having fun, the game finally feels a bit less like a grind, and I am living longer.

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