Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Aion continues.

Aion continues to dominate my game playing time, and for good reason. I feel that it would be beneficial to play the game as much as possible and get as far in the game as I can in order to write a well informed review.

Right at this moment things are going a bit on slow side and I have only reached level 17 with my Assassin. The assassin class is proving to not be as fun as I had hoped and have many times wished I just chose Ranger instead. I do however have a level 11 Sorcerer and he's so far pretty fun to play.

The problem is that Aion is just not grabbing me like I had hoped it would. But niether is Champions Online for that matter, a game that I played a bajillion hours during the first three weeks and now have hardly touched over the last two. Good thing is that Champions will be active to at least the middle of December, so I have lots of time to play and get a few characters to level 40. That's the plan anyway.

In other game related stuff; I am putting the finishing touches on a review for Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, and have started playing a game called Risen and will be doing a review for that one as well.

My Age of Conan account was canceled for now because of Champions and Aion and LOTRO has only about a week left till it's done. Here's the curious thing; I logged into LOTRO and I was having fun, and I was beginning to question why I am quiting that game. Damn you LOTRO, why can't I just quit and be done with you!!!!!


Anjin said...

So many games, so little time. Heck, between blogging, reading, and TV, I barely have any time for gaming. I'm kinda bummed that all the wind have been let out of Champions' balloon. I'm enjoying myself, but the number of instance I see in the game has dropped dramatically.

Still looking forward to your Aion review. Keep playing!

Anjin said...

P.S. You don't want to be like the 1UP reviewer who gave up on the game before reaching the Abyss. :)

Jayedub said...

I read about that 1up review, believe me there have been times I have felt the same way.

I still love Champions and am in the process of creating another character to try something different. Let's just hope that Cryptic continues to add content on a regular basis because the game is a lot of fun, just very repetitive.