Sunday, October 18, 2009

Activision screws PC gamers.

Before I say anything, I will direct your attention to the Joystiq article that I read about some not so great news about Modern Warfare 2.

The article itself is not very long, but the news alone is enough to make any PC gamer upset. So MW2 will not have dedicated servers like past CoD PC games did and instead immolate the console peer-to-peer model that does not work worth the damn on the PC.

If that wasn't enough, Activision has decided that the PC community has been treated way well so now we as PC gamers must now pay for DLC and the game will have a $59.99 price point as well.

I can understand paying for DLC, I have done it for a few games. But no dedicated servers and sixty dollar price tag? No thanks.

A couple years ago I wouldn't have cared about the multiplayer stuff, but that changed with Modern Warfare. I will play through the game once, but I will play online for months. The game itself looks awesome, and I am sure it's great, but why the need to charge more and cut out something that is synonymous with PC online gaming? If I wanted an console online gaming experience, I would buy the game for my Xbox. But I don't, I want it for the PC.

I was really looking forward to this game on the PC, now I am in wait and see mode. Guess that means more time for some Fallen Earth and Borderlands if I pick that up.


Anjin said...

PC game publishers have been waiting for the day they could push prices higher for years now. It'll only work if people put up with it. Of course there was no chance I was ever going to buy it since I don't like shooters, so I hope other gamers will hold the line and tell Activision that they won't pay their prices.

My guess is that there won't be much effect on sale. People are already sold on the $60 price point and will barely notice this change.

Yeebo said...

Console games have been selling at up to $60 for quite some time now. I'm surprised that it has taken PC publishers so long to follow suite.

That said, it seems like getting more gamers to download your games directly (i.e., cut out all the middle men) is a much more effective way to increase profit margins than raising prices.

Jayedub said...

I am sure that MW2 will sell a ton at the sixty dollar price, but I don't like it.