Friday, October 16, 2009

GameStop blues.

All I wanted was the amount of credit I would get for a couple of Xbox 360 games, that's it. So knowing that stores can be busy I decided that I would call a few different locations and ask for the amount for one game only.

The first store told me they were busy and to hold, but just set down the reciever on the counter or something. So for roughly the next ten minutes of so I listened as the associates helped a couple of customers and then proceeded to talk amongst themselves, not realizing I was still on the phone.

The next store actually did give me a quote, $9.00 for Resident Evil 5, rip off.

The next three stores all told me about the same thing; that they could not give me a quote over the phone and that I would need to come down to the store for that. I asked one associate if that was a store policy or corporate policy, and she said it was the store policy. I thanked her for her time and hung up.

So then I decided to call the corporate office for customer service to get some information and to complain. After having to explain in detail twice to the guy on the phone, he waffles some stating that he doesn't see how stores can give a quote without seeing the game because there are many factors involved in the pricing. I asked him if that was a corporate policy and he said no, and I told him that I worked for the company, I know they have prices on the computer and it's really poor customer service on GameStop's part. Then I thanked him for his help and I hung up.

Truth is that I did work as a store manager at GameStop almost seven years ago. My store was one of the best at customer service both in the store in on the phone, and my employees dressed well and the store was always clean. I rarely find a store that has those standards anymore.

I would not be nearly as upset if the policy of not giving quotes over the phone was something that was handed down form corporate, and it was explained to me in a professional manner. But to have one store give me a price, another going to but have crappy customer service skills, and then three that wouldn't is just no acceptable.

Ok, thus ends my rant.


Anjin said...

This would be the very reason I gave up on GameStop long ago. The only reason I've purchased anything there in the last few years is because they're pretty good when I need to preorder something. Plus I never trade in games, so I've never faced that problem. I think I'd go crazy trying.

Jayedub said...

It was very frustrating. All I wanted was a quote to see if it was worth while to drive down to the store, don't see why that was so hard to do.

I do like pre-ordering big titles from them too cause they usually have it on time.

Yeebo said...

I avoid GameStop as much as I can. Their selection, service, and prices tend to be atrocious. I much prefer to download games these days if it's an option.