Friday, October 23, 2009

Busy weekend.

Things are going to a bit busy for me this weekend. The wife has to work both Sat & Sun, I have a review of Risen that I need to type up, doing a preview of Alganon, and on top of that I want to play some Aion and Fallen Earth, and maybe a bit of Champions Online.

I was just browsing at how Risen has fared, and I noticed something; the PC version has an average score of 80% and the Xbox 360 version, not released in the US, has an average score of almost 59%. As far as I know they are the same game, so why such a wide spread in scores. I really can't explain it, maybe hardcore rpg's are loved on the PC regardless of faults and not so much on a console.


Anjin said...

Yow. Welcome to the weekend, I guess. Hope you have a little time to unwind. :)

Never played any of the Gothic games, so I'm curious what your take on Risen will be. Especially since the guy from Rock Paper Shotgun gave up on reviewing it and decided to write a game journal instead.

Jayedub said...

I'm going to have to check that out at some point, cause it sounds like a great idea with Risen.

I really shouldn't complain about weekends, I work Sat, but then get the next three days off, so plenty of time to waste!