Monday, November 17, 2008

Soylent Green is people!!

I really couldn't think of a good title for this post, but it works, lol.

When is choice a bad thing? When there are too many choices, and I am specifically talking about gaming.

I've been playing WAR since day one, and I am still enjoying the game a lot. But, I noticed yesterday that for one reason or another I had not logged into WAR in almost a week. That got me thinking that if I don't have an overwhelming feeling to log into the game, then is there any reason to keep on paying for a subscription?

Another reason for this line of thinking is because the other night I was at Gamestop to exchange my red ringed 360, and made an impulse buy of WotLK. I did resub my WoW account because I wanted to try out the new talents in the 3.0 patch, but I was not looking forward to playing Wrath at all.

I couldn't help but feel a little guilty about the purchase because I was also thinking about getting the new EQ2 or the LOTRO expansion instead. And now I feel that I have to play some WoW at least till my sub runs out in order to feel like I didn't waste my money buying Wrath.

But what about WAR? Well, I still like the game, and I am having a blast with my Black Orc. I prefer a deeper PvE experience, and WAR is lacking a bit of that. But on the flip side, I really enjoy the PvP that WAR has, a lot more then I did with WoW.

I just can't start dabbling in MMO's again. With my time being split between family, work, the 360 and other PC games I want to play, I can only give attention to one, maybe two MMO's now a days, but that might be pushing it. I know my wife would like me to just pick a game and stick with it!

On a side note, you know you have a cool wife who can identify which MMO you are playing just by watching me without me telling her, I love that!

So, my WAR sub ends tomorrow, so I have all day today to make up my mind if I am going to continue playing WAR, move on to another game, or even just take another break from all MMO's for awhile.

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