Thursday, November 6, 2008

Some random stuff...

Since I don't really have anything to talk about in depth, I thought I would just throw out some random thoughts.

I am in the process of finishing up my review of Warhammer Online. It has taken me way too long to finish it, but, the extra time does allow me to play the game longer and get a better feel for it.

Speaking of MMO's, I am thinking that I really need to just choose one MMO to play, and stop dabbling. I recently resubbed to WoW, and even though I am having fun now, I am just not looking forward to WotLK, not one bit. I am however thinking of reserving the Moria expansion for LOTRO and even doing the lifetime subscription. That way I can play as little or as much as I would like, and not worry about feeling like I am wasting $15 a month. So do I stick with WAR? I or how about going back to CoH, that game is pretty awesome, and it's not fantasy based!

I completed Fable 2 last week. That game started off so great, but turned into a series of time sinks with a shallow main story. The game is much better than the first Fable, and I would recommend it to everyone who likes action-rpgs. My two main complaints would be with the ranged combat and the short and disappointing story. As I played the game, I felt that the game was punishing me for trying to play as a ranged combat focused player. It seems that focusing in either melee or will and using ranged periodically is the way the game was built. Also, the two important parts of the story, the spire and the ending, are two of the worst examples of story telling ever!! The spire was bad enough, but the final confrontation is extremely disappointing.

Fallout 3 is AWESOME!!

And finally, I am looking forward to the new Call of Duty game for the PC, finally I can get back to fragging my buddies online.


Lars said...

Yeah, Fallout definitely is incredible. I'm sorry to hear Fable wasn't so good. I was disappointed in the first one, so had held off on the sequel.

As for MMOs, I should probably just pick one too. I juggle EQ2 and WAR right now. But CoH has some really nice patches coming soon too... oh, too many MMOs, and not enough time. Or money.

Jayedub said...

Too many MMO's, the story of my life lately!

As for Fable 2, I still recommend that everyone try. I guess i was a bit harsh in what I said, and maybe should have stated that it has some bad design issues, cause the story is not all that bad. But, if you played the Lost Chapters, then the story will sound very familiar.