Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A win for America!

Last nights election for Obama as president has been seen as a win for America. And that the nation has changed, and that America will been seen in a different light from now on.

Or so I am lead to believe. For the record, I voted McCain, and my feelings about Obama have nothing to do with his color. But I will say that it is sad that it has taken this long for a person that is not white to win the Presidency, and hopefully I will be alive to witness the first woman to be elected as President.

I am personally fearful now that the Democrats hold all three branches and have little in the way of opposition to push through their liberal agendas. All I can hope for is that there are still some old school Dems in the House and Senate that are not too keen on the new Presidents way of doing things.

I'm afraid that the time when someone ran for President because they felt that they could make a change for the better for America is long gone, that died out after FDR left the White House. Maybe Obama will change that, maybe he will deliver on what he has promised. I will wait and see.

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