Thursday, January 28, 2010

Steering clear for now.

Cryptic just can't seem to catch a break can they. First they have a brouhaha with Champions Online with regards to the lifetime subs and a day one patch, then there is the skill cap issue with Star Trek Online. But tonight I read that the player base is up in arms because the next significant content release will require a payment.

Frankly I think that Cryptic deserves all the heat they are receiving. Not for this most recent mess, but for the way management has handled both games. To be fair the new paid update has no price yet and no one knows for sure just how much content there will be. But it is hard not to get upset I think at something like this.

For now I think I am going to steer clear of anything Cryptic for awhile.

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Yeebo said...

I am not planning to try STO for a few more months when the price comes down. However if I were sitting on the fence, the latest news from the CO front would certainly make me think twice. The announcement also makes a lifetime sub looks like a poor bet in a Cryptic game.