Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mass Effect 2 time.

I sit here writing this, waiting in anticipation to fire up Mass Effect 2. I have had all day to think on this moment and what it will mean to my gaming time. I also had some time to think about the few games that are upcoming in both February and March, and what I have concluded is that I may just have to unsub both my MMO's till further notice.

Right now I have a sub to LOTRO and WoW, and in both I have logged in maybe once or twice in the past three weeks thanks to Batman Arkham Asylum. So I have Mass Effect 2 now, Bioshock 2 in less than two weeks, Battlefield Bad Company in March along with the new Dawn of War expansion, and I am sure I am forgetting a game or two in there, but you get the picture.

So do I go MMO-less for one of the very rare times since becoming a MMO gamer, or do I just pick one and use my time wisely? What about the fact that I have been tempted to try out EQ2 or AoC again, or maybe a f2p one like DDO? I guess life could be worse, I could be in a position to not be able to make any choices right?!?


Anjin said...

Ha ha! I'm amazed that we both wrote about ME2 eating out gaming lives at the same time. Good luck with whatever you choose. At least the side effect of all this is that we get to play Mass Effect. Woo hoo!

Jayedub said...

I actually beat the ME first on the PC and then on the Xbox, so I could have chosen either to play. In the end having the graphics whore in me went with the PC.