Monday, January 18, 2010

I belong in Arkham.

I have been spending a lot of time playing Batman Arkham Asylum for the PS3 over the past week, and it's unfortunate that such an awesome game has such a crappy end boss fight. Truth be told I have no idea if you fight the Joker, cause I can't even get passed the battle with the two Titans and the mass amount of cannon fodder soldiers that jump in to help.

The combat has been the best part of the game thus far, but it does tend to get frustrating. The combat is really well done, but it rewards patience and timing, so when I screw up and lose my combo meter because of a bit of button mashing, it gets frustrating.

Because of the enclosed confines of the last fight, the camera takes a dump on you and the controls seem to decided to that you need to move as if you are walking in a swamp. So about half-hour, forty-five minutes later I am no closer to getting my hands on the Joker than I was when I started playing tonight. And for that I am frustrated.


Anjin said...

That sounds supremely annoying. Batman is on my long list of console games I'd really like to try some day. I hope this is one of those instances where walking away from the game for a day allows you to come back and waltz through the difficult section. I've had that happen more than once. Never figured out why that works.

Jayedub said...

That's what did happen. This would be the pre-Joker fight, and it's a lot more harder than the actual fight against the Joker himself.

I highly recommend this game, play it asap, it's that good!

Yeebo said...

Word on then street has long been that Arkham is awesome. It's definitely on my list as well.

Pitrelli said...

I have played the demo from steam and have to say I was very impressed (I'll defo be buying it for my bro-in-laws ps3).

If more studios did superhero games like this then I'd buy a console to play them all.

P.S I had to type 'bints' for the authenticator word lol love it!

Jayedub said...

I would highly recommend getting it on the PC, it looks so much better than the console version, just need a wired Xbox controller.