Thursday, January 21, 2010

Reader is full.

Not really, but there sure were a lot of blog posts that I needed to catch up on, 129 to be exact. I try to not let it get so out of hand, but I took a couple of extra days off and spent most of the time playing Batman on the PS3. Normally I will do some blog reading and maybe the occasional post from home, but I tend to do most of it while at work when in the office. Oh well, catching up will give me something to do in the office for the next few days!


Yeebo said...

I spend time hitting blogs when I'm at work as well, I'm sorry to say. Although it does seem to help me work through something I'm stuck on to take my mind away from it for a bit, so I can at least pretend it's not a total loss :-)

And 129, good lord. I sometimes have trouble keeping up with the dozen or so blogs I list on my site.

Jayedub said...

I haven't counted how many blogs I have on my reader, but I was surprised to see so many posts, must have been a busy weekend for some.