Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Some NHL 09 vs NHL 2k9 thoughts.

Well, it was bound to happen sometime, giving NHL 2k9 a shot to see just how much of a difference there is. One thing to know, I have spent just about all my gaming time the past seven days playing NHL 09, I have only played NHL 2k9 today for about two and a half hours.

I'm not going to get into a very long post on what is exactly different or my likes and dislikes with either game, but it must be know that I have been looking forward to NHL 09 for some time now, but I do try to be as objective as possible when comparing games.

Gameplay wise the two games couldn't be farther apart. In NHL 09, the game plays deliberately slower, the skills stick works great and the game itself has become much more simulation based. In 2k9, the game plays way to fast, some of the controls including their version of the skills stick are very sluggish, and the game has an overall arcade feel.

The 2k9 graphics are just plain bad. The player models are bad, the player faces are bad, it's just bad. But with that said, the arenas look great and there no noticeable slowdown in the game at all. On the flip slide, NHL 09 player models look wonderful, Skater animations and goalie animations look wonderful, but there is a very noticeable frame rate hit at various times in the game.

Without making a long post even longer, NHL 09 is so far a very good game and really does revolutionize the genre, where NHL 2k9 has added very little and really seems to have taken a step backwards.

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