Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Random thoughts from over the weekend.

Well, I played quit a bit of NCAA Football 09 and some Madden 09, got most of the achievements for both which is always nice. This year there seems to be a big difference in gameplay between the two. Last year not so much, but this year I was a bit taken back by the differences. That's not a bad thing at all, but after playing a boat load of college football, making the move to the pro game was a slap in the face, kinda kinda like real life I guess.

This weekend was also the beginning of the WAR beta, and let me tell you I am having alot of fun. Or should I say had. I have decided that after playing for about 5-6 hours, the game is pretty good and I am excited to play it, so I didn't want to get to far into the game, only to have to re-do the same thing again when the game actually launches.

The game looks great, it ran smooth, love the interface, the public quests are a blast, the RvR was alot of fun. My only concern is that some things are being implemented at the last minute, like guild banks, and the lag was almost too much to endure at times.

But it looks like most if not all of my still waiting to be played games are going to be put on the back burner with the release of NHL 09 today. Man I really hope this game is everything I hope it is.

So it was kickoff weekend for the NFL, so I decided to take Sunday off to watch some football. The Dolphins-Jets game was actually a good game, I was really pulling for Pennington to get one on the Jets, oh well. Because I live in the Bay Area, I was forced to watch the Niners-Cardinals game, not very exciting, Niners are going to be bad and finally get rid of one of the most overrated coaches ever.

The Sunday night game of the Bears-Colts was a big surprise. I for one did not think Chicago would win, at least in Indy. But I guess it show just how important playing in the preseason is, Manning did not play one game, and it really showed.

Packers-Vikings was a good game, but almost ruined because Kornheiser couldn't stop comparing Favre to Rodgers. And what's there to say about the Raiders-Broncos game, little hope for the Raiders. Just to think, I was offered tickets to go see this game, but couldn't make it. Some day my blessed silver and black will be dominate again, someday...

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