Monday, January 15, 2018

Weekend Recap 1/12-14

The Weekend Recap is a post where I recap my gaming and other various happenings from the weekend. I don't know about you but I always consider Friday evening as part of the weekend!

Homefront The Revolution - What an annoying game this turned out to be. The game starts off with a bang, and the initial hour or so is actually pretty good. Once you get into the open world, however, the game begins to head towards the chore type of gameplay.

The story has some terrible pacing issues. There were a couple of times I thought I was done, but the game just dragged on and on. It's honestly about 5-7 hours too long. The gameplay becomes a chore as well; each zone you are assaulting control points, sabotaging various items or finding radios to raise the resistance level to 100% in order to progress the story.

The gunplay wants you to be more tactical, but once the enemy is aware of your presence you'll be hounded by endless waves of KPA ala Call of Duty style till you run away and lower the alert meter. Another annoyance is how the KPA are able to spot you so easily making stealth a massive chore at times.

Did I like the game? Kind of. I did play through the DLC on Saturday even though the main game left me annoyed. I even went back and tried to get some easy achievements because that's how I roll. Two pieces of DLC, Aftermath and Beyond the Wall, are great. It's honestly what Homefront The Revolution should have been like and not some open world mess. Both are much more linear and focused, have far more interesting characters, the character you play Ethan Brady has an actual voice. Beyond the Wall, I thought, satisfying ending for both your character and the game.

I bought this game on the cheap during the holiday, it's the only way I would recommend this one.

UFC 2 (XB1) - I played a boatload of this game on Saturday and Sunday. One area I struggle with in this game is the ground game. I spent some time watching Youtube videos to learn how to better my grappling offense and defense. I like this game...most of the time. The striking gameplay is super fun, but the grappling is where UFC 2 really breaks down. I've only played against computer opponents, but the AI is so hyper-aggressive and you lose stamina so much faster than the AI does, couple that with such a small window of time to defend while on in a clinch or on the ground and you've got yourself a heap of frustration.

Blade of Darkness - This is an older game that I bought on GOG ages ago before it was removed. I loved this game back when it first game out. This is one of the very few games I still have a pirated copy of from when I worked at Gamestop back when I used to do dirty pirate kind of things.

You may see this game being referenced as Dark Souls before there was Dark Souls. And it's true. I am not a fan of the Souls games, but the insane amount of gore is why I love Blade of Darkness. It's old, takes some work to get running sometimes, the controls are awful and the story is nothing. It's not really that great of a game. But for the time it was pretty with some of the best lighting and water effects, four different playable characters that each specialize in different weaponry, and you can cut the head off an enemy and then use it to beat down another enemy. What's there not to love?

I can't remember how far I played through the game before, but I've had this installed on my computer for a while now. So I messed around with the keyboard controls to make it as modern as possible and spent the better part of 5 hours playing on Sunday. Again, it's not a great game, but there's just enough combat to keep me engrossed enough to want to play more.

Well that was my weekend - video games and the NFL playoffs.

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