Monday, January 8, 2018

Let 2018 Begin!

Last week I wrote about not doing New Year's resolutions, yet all week I kept thinking about what I want to do this year with regards to gaming. 2017 for me was an up and down year for gaming. On one hand I finally made a backlog list, I finished or retired a number of games, and I purchased far fewer games than years past. All great things.

However, I spent a lot of the year handcuffed by the overwhelming feeling of needing to thin out the backlog. I've had these types of dry spells as I like to call them many times. What ends up happening is I will sit and ponder what to play, then just play something multiplayer because I can't decide what to play.

I've said before that gaming should be fun and not feel like work, but dealing with this massive backlog has felt like work to me throughout the year. My resolution last year was to not buy as many games in 2017 as I have done in years past. I'm proud to say I have done that. For the year 2018 I want to buy even fewer games, easier said than done but I think it can happen.

Another resolution that I had last year was to only buy a game I knew I was going to play. I did pretty well with that one in 2017. Most of the games I purchased in 2017 I have played either to completion or retired because they stink. During the Holiday sales I picked up the Sniper Ghost Warrior bundle. I've already finished both Ghost Warrior 1 & 2! I knew both games were super short so knowing that I decided that it was worth the $3.50.

I also picked up Homefront The Revolution. I decided to replay the first Homefront, which only took just over 4 hours, and am now about 5 hours into the newest Homefront. I also picked up Just Cause 3 but I'll end up waiting a bit before diving into that one. It was super cheap and I don't think it'll be cheaper for a long while.

So in a nutshell my 2018 gaming resolutions remain the same as last year: purchase fewer games, play the ones I do buy, and continue to play through the games I do own.

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