Friday, April 2, 2010

It's a Dark Age.

Music in games can be such a magical thing. A good soundtrack can really add to the mood and atmosphere, as well as a bad soundtrack can be a detriment and detract from a someone's experience.

The reason I bring this up is because the other day my son was watching a tv show that had on it a trio of family members who could play some musical instruments, two playing the harp and on playing the violin. The music was great, but I couldn't help think that it sounded familiar.

And then it hit me, that sounds like the music from Dark Age of Camelot! And suddenly my mind was flooded with all sorts of thoughts, emotions and images from the days when I played DAoC. So the other day I was thinking of giving the DAoC trial a run, and I noticed that my old account is eligible for a 10 day free return time.

I am only into my second day of the ten days, but I am having fun running around getting reacquainted with the game world. Will I stick with it after 10 days? I really don't think so, but for now I will just enjoy my limited time with an old friend.


Anjin said...

That's really cool. I never played DAoC (it came out during my anti-subscription fee period) but I can wait to hear your thoughts about getting back in the game.

Blue Kae said...

Loved DAoC. I escaped to there after playing EQ and really loved it. That was also the first MMO where I found a good guild. Dang, I miss my Midgard Troll Shaman now. Hmmm.

Jayedub said...

Midgard eh, I was a Hibernia guy myself.