Monday, April 5, 2010

Borderlands for PC.

I have owned Borderlands for the Xbox since it launched, and I chose that version mainly for the online play. My thinking is that Borderlands for the PC uses the crappy Gamespy peer-to-peer multiplayer matchmaking and it's been my experience that games seem to not have much of an online community when using the Gamespy service. So instead I decided on getting the Xbox version and don't regret it one bit.

Even though I have completed one play through of Borderlands, I have played very little coop online like I thought I would. In the meantime I had been wondering just how great the game would look on my PC, cause it looks great on the Xbox, but I just wasn't ready to fork over fifty bucks for it yet.

On Friday I received an email from Gamestop with their latest deals and what not, and I noticed that Borderlands was 50% off for digital download! Hot damn, that's awesome, but I wonder if Steam has the same deal, and sure enough they did.

I love Borderlands, it great mindless fun with loads of loot. I was able to talk a friend into buying a copy as well, and once we were able figure the Gamespy garbage we played quite a bit of coop. It was pretty difficult because there were two of us, but it was a blast.

So if there is anyone out there who wants to play some Borderlands, feel free to send me a friends request in game @ xXJayeDuBXx. For now I leave you with a video on the making of Borderlands, it was the deciding factor for me when I considering on whether or not to purchase the game.


Anjin said...

I picked this up when it was at 33% and didn't regret it. 50% looked like a steal. Sadly, it's yet another game on the Unfinished pile. Someday.

Slurms said...

I know Grok (Brian from the show) has been playing the hell out of Borderlands lately. I could never get into it honestly. I loved the art style and the feel of the game, but I was always bored playing it.

Jayedub said...

Well, if you ever do decide to give it another go let me know, I am more than willing to play some coop.

When I bought the game on the Xbox it took me about an hour and a half before the game finally opened up and became fun. But for that first little bit I was bored and wondered if I wasted my sixty bucks.