Saturday, March 27, 2010

One bit of interesting news, and one bit of disheartening news.

First the crappy news: my moment of zen brought to my attention this link regarding the new Splinter Cell Conviction game coming in April. It's the top five reasons why Splinter Cell Conviction may be disappointing, and for me four of those five look to be deal breakers for me. It's really unfortunate cause I was REALLY looking forward to Conviction. Honestly if this game was not apart of the Splinter Cell franchise then I would probably be more interested, but it appears to deviate away from what I love about the franchise now. Who knows, maybe the series was in need of change, and it still could be a great game.

In some interesting news, I saw this over at Massively today regarding the newest update to Star Wars Galaxies. I decided to check out the full patch notes for update 16, and surprisingly they look really good. I really loved the space combat in SWG, I wasn't great at it but it was so much fun. Unfortunately the few servers that I have played on did not seem to have a decent space community in them so I flew alone. One of my characters has only the final mission to do in order to become a master pilot, but unless they have changed the encounter over the years it requires either uber skills or a group, both of which I don't have.

The main reason I say this news is interesting is because for the first time in years, I want to play SWG, and not to play with a friend but for some content. My thoughts and views on SWG hasn't changed; too many levels, the Legacy Quests are dull and uninteresting, lack of decent content at level 90, buggy combat, the NGE in general. And before someone tells me about all the new instances to run at level 90, let me say that the SOE guys should go and talk to the Blizz guys about how to do an instance dungeon, cause the few I have run in the past in SWG have been crap.

I have had this overwhelming desire to play a fantasy based game again, could be a MMO, and with some renewed interest in SWG, maybe I will give the Station Access a go. Then again I could just stop playing MMO's till TOR is released and make time for non-MMO games.


Anjin said...

I'm sort of meh on both accounts. No strong feelings one way or the other. I haven't played a Splinter Cell game since the very first and I never got into SWG. I'd be afraid to try it at this point. Though I have been hearing good things about Conviction on the many podcasts I listen to each week.

Blue Kae said...

I was actually interested in trying Conviction out. I've not played a Splinter Cell game before, but what I'd seen of the new stealth mechanic looked pretty neat. Of course that was before Ubisoft went on their current DRM rampage, so I'll likely not be playing this. I'm assuming the PC version looks better than the console one, which would be where I'd prefer to play it.