Friday, April 16, 2010

The WAR is over, for now.

A few weeks ago the unruly folks over at Multiplaying.Net started playing Warhammer Online again and talking about it on their podcast. I have always felt that on paper WAR is the MMO I should love the most: multiple races with differing starting areas, lots of PvE, and varied PvP gameplay that I can participate at my discretion. I think the main sticking point for me is the PvE content; the quests are really well written, seem pretty varied at times, but there is so much running around and the level grind was tough to stomach after playing WoW so much.
But I decided to use my Call to Arms 10 day free play, and I have been reminded of why I both like and dislike the game. I will say that leveling seems to be going much faster now, primarily due to the huge amounts of rest xp I have, so that was a pleasant surprise, but there is still a lot of running around at my level. In the short amount of time I did play that was really the only complaint that I had with the game, it's been a lot of fun doing scenarios and running around doing oRvR in T2.

But my free play ends today and with all the hockey going on right now I will not be reactivating my account. At least not yet. I figure that once the first round of the NHL playoffs are over there will be more time to play games, but right now I am DVR-ing everthing and watching games before and after work, I love it.


Anjin said...

I think that was the bit that always got to me. The PvE is just not up to par. There were some great ideas (epic quests and PQs) but they just don't pull it off overall. And since Mythic knows RvR has to be its focus, it will be a long time before that is cleaned up.

WAR needs its own Orion to take charge of the mess.

Jayedub said...

I definitly agree that an overhaul would be nice. The rested xp bonus along with the add xp bonus while doing scenarios has really helped speed up the leveling, I went from 16 to 18 in very little time.

But the quests just don't have a good flow about them, and all the running back and forth does get to me after awhile. Having a mount I'm sure would help with some of that.

Yeebo said...

Have to agree, the PvE in WAR simply isn't up to snuff. The flow is bad, and the zones themselves (apart from a few standouts) just aren't very immersive. WAR is a game I really want to like. Like you, on paper it sounds like a really great MMO to me. I also like a lot of the class designs.