Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Computer woes...

The last two weeks have been a rocky one between my PC and me. I recently spent some money upgrading my computer, not the most current cutting edge stuff, but a definite upgrade from what I had.

I decided that I would go back to running Windows XP after running the Windows 7 beta for the past few months. Everything seems to be fine except for one game, and a game that I like to play.

So I figure I would just go back to the Windows 7 beta because I know that things ran fine with that. Well a few days pass, and things are going just peachy, till I decide to find some information on a particular game that was giving me trouble gameplay wise. I don't even remember the website I went to, but suddenly my browser closes and I get a pop up box telling me that my computer might be infected with malware, then I get more and more pop ups and eventually something begins to scan my drives searching for something. So I immediately reach behind the computer and switch it off from the power supply. Ergh.

So the next day I decide that I will just reformat and try out XP again, why not. The format goes fine, XP installs with no trouble, everything boots up and I'm ready to begin the long process of tweaking and reinstalling. That is till I notice that I can't go online because I need to install my network drivers, which happen to be on the motherboard disc that I left at work. ERGH!!!

Well, knowing that I wasn't going to make a trip back to the office and I really wanted to play on the computer, I then went ahead and installed Windows 7 long enough to download all drivers for both XP and Win7, then went and reinstalled XP again.

Things are looking up, the install went great, the drivers are installed, so now all that's left before some tweaking is to update XP. Now suddenly my install of XP is flagged as not being genuine, WTF!!!

Honestly I wasn't that surprised or even upset, I was using an OEM copy that a friend made me ages ago because my legit version of Windows XP Home is so old that it will not recognise my hard drive as 500gb. Right now I am still running my not so genuine version of XP, but I downloaded SP2 and made a slipstream disc using my XP Home edition. So once I have finished a particular game, I will be reinstalling Windows, AGAIN, but it will be legit and everything will be right in the world, I hope.

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