Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Martial Arts film done bad, really bad.

Signing up for Netflix has been one the better ideas that my wife and I have had in recent memory. Not having to deal with the mess that you find in a brick and mortar rental store has been great.

What is nice is the ability to search out actors in Netflix's database. I recently searched for movies done by Takeshi Kaneshiro and looked for anything that resembled an action flick. I own two TK movies, an import of Space Travellers and the US release of The Returner, bit awesome movies, but each completely different from one another.

In the description of China Dragon it mentions it's a martial arts movie, so I decide to que it up, along with many others. I can say with all honesty that China Dragon is a martial arts movie, but it is a very bad one. The movie was made in 1995 and filmed mostly in Hawaii, and that's probably the best part of this terrible movie.

The music is loud and obnoxious, the Mandarin dubs are out of sync, the action is hokey and the acting is bad. I actually am surprised that I was even able to get thru almost a third of the movie before I turned it off.

So to recap; Netflix great, China Dragon bad!

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