Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Where the paranoid and uninformed are given a voice!

The new DLC for Fallout 3 called Operation Anchorage was released sometime today it seems. But this is not a post about how cool the new content is, or how it plays or what not. No, this is a post on the idiocy that can be found in message boards.

The Bethesda forums are a flame with all sorts of ranting about how Games for Windows Live is terrible, that Microsoft is all about money, and that Bethesda is screwing over the consumer.

You can check out the mess here.

Now that you have had a chance to browse that mess, my question is, have you ever read anything in a message board that made you so upset that you wanted to register on the forums just to respond to the moronic rantings of an uninformed idiot?

I know I just wanted to after browsing the Bethesda forums today. Once I calmed down and had some time to get through the uninformed rants and read some legitimate issues, I began to see what was the real problem with the new DLC.

The issue is not the DLC itself, but how a PC gamer goes about acquiring said DLC. Fallout 3 is Games for Windows Live enabled, which is very similar to Xbox Live service that 360 users have grown accustomed to. In order to purchase the new DLC, you need to buy MS points and use the GFWL client to purchase and download the Operation Anchorage DLC for Fallout 3.

So the points that I agree with are these; having to purchase MS points instead of allowing the use of credit cards sucks; the DLC costs 800 MS points but they don't sell MS points in 800 increments so you will have to purchase 1000 instead, errgh; and the fact that GFWL fails when compared to products like Steam and Impulse.

So if I agree with all these points, what seems to be my problem then? It's the unintelligent, uninformed hate mongering rants that would rather not take the time to find a solution to their problem and just start spouting off against Microsoft and Bethesda and how they are being wronged somehow.

I personally have not had any issue with the GFWL client one bit. I personally like the idea and hope that more games will support the format. But I also have a Xbox 360 account and am a fan of achievement points, so I was excited that Fallout 3 for the PC was GFWL enabled.

I completely understand being upset about having to use GFWL to download the DLC and having to purchase MS points. But please have legitimate points about what issues you may have instead of making uninformed accusations filled with hate mongering rubbish.


Lars said...

Microsoft is all about money

Well, if they AREN'T, I'm dumping their stock...? How is this a bad thing?

I think it's just trendy for some people to hate Microsoft and anything they touch. Same with SOE. To the point of irrationality.

I rather like Games for Windows.

Jayedub said...

You make a good point, and they should be about making money, I know I would be.