Sunday, January 9, 2011

Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf. E known as the Tiger I tank.

I am here sitting at work doing a very dangerous thing by browsing Steam for games when I came across a game called Iron Warriors: T-72 Tank Command. I really enjoy military history, I try to soak it up like a sponge. So I decided to do a google search on the T-72, and what followed next was about an hour and a half of tank info reading bliss!

First I started with the Soviet/Russian Main Battle Tanks. Then I moved onto the early WWII American armoured vehicles and then of course I had to check out the German WWII Panzer tanks. My knowledge of German Panzer's is very limited, but I do know that the dreaded Tiger I tank was one the most feared tanks in the late stages of WWII.

Eventually I made my way to the web page for the Tank Museum located over in England. The Tank Museum has almost one hundred years of tank history within its facility and has one of six surviving German Tiger I tanks from WWII. Not only that, it's the only known working Tiger I tank in existence.

If anyone is actually interested in this stuff, there's a website that gives details on this particular Tiger tank from it's manufacture to its capture in Tunisia and its eventual restoral in England. Frankly I find this all very fascinating and totally kick ass.

For your viewing pleasure here are three separate videos of the Tiger tank in action.


Yeebo said...

Tanks are awesome. I wish World of Tanks had some tutorial areas where you can pick up some of the basics. The last time I tried it you got tossed onto a battlefield against tanks that utterly outclass you and try to figure things out as you go. It's like learning to swim by being tossed off a dock wearing a backpack full of rocks.

Jayedub said...

I forgot all about World of Tanks. At one point I was in the beta, but after about five minutes of trying to figure out the interface I stopped playing.