Thursday, January 27, 2011

A handheld I think I can like!

Sony has finally announced the Next Generation Portable, or the NGP. It's probably a better name than PSP2, but not buy much. I'm not much of a handheld guy, I don't even like playing games on a phone, you know because it's a phone, but just look at how slick that looks! It's just crying out for me to touch it in naughty ways!

The list of third party support is pretty massive which is a good sign. I believe part of the problem initially with the original PSP was UMD movies and trying to get into that market. These days many of the Blu-Rays come with a digital version that can be ported to a handheld device.

I honestly don't know what the specs are for the NGP and I'm guessing I am going to have to purchase games digitally which I am not fond of, but I am more than willing to support anything NOT Nintendo and their crap hardware and garbage first party games!


Anjin said...

So much anger in this one. :)

I liked my PSP quite a lot, even though I put it away a while ago. I just don't have the drive to play most handheld game devices.

Looking forward to how this plays out, though.

Jayedub said...

Hehe, I guess I have a bit of angst against Nintendo. Personally I would rather play on a console or the computer instead of a handheld, but there have been times when I wished I had something portable. It's just a matter of buying this thing being worth it for me.

Oakstout said...

I'm not planning on getting the 3DS when it comes out, but if the new PSP2 isn't crazy priced, I might have to pick one up. I currently don't own a PSP, which is probably the only current gaming system I don't own, go figure.