Thursday, December 2, 2010

Still A Sucker!

I know that I had intended to reduce my PC game purchases, but I am a sucker for sales, specially the ones on Steam. In case you didn't know, there are a ton of sales that go on after Thanksgiving, both retail and online, and it's kind of a big deal. I honestly don't remember purchasing so many games like I have this year, both during Steam's summer sale in June/July and just recently. And I do expect to be buying something hopefully if there is a holiday sale as well!

I did exercise some restraint during the Thanksgiving sales, mostly because I didn't want to buy a ton of product that I may or may not play. With that said, I did buy five games and only two games from Steam and one was not a digital purchase.

On Friday the 26th I purchased Burnout: Ultimate Edition from Steam and Sims 3 from the EAStore. On Saturday I went and ordered Splinter Cell Conviction from GoGamer because it was only ten bucks! But I did have to pay tax and shipping, still it was cheaper than when it was listed on Steam for sale a day later. Then on Monday, the last day of the Steam sale I picked up Dirt 2 for dirt cheap and Metro 2033, two games that I have been wanting to get for a very long time.

Frankly the only game that I could have done without is Burnout. It's a great game and I did want it, but it was more of a purchase based on the idea that it may not be at the sale price of fifteen bucks anytime soon. I could be wrong and it may be even cheaper next time, it has happened. Sims 3 was only fifteen which was great cause I wasn't about to pay full price for that, and Dirt 2 was only five bucks and Metro 2033 was only ten!

The game I was most excited to buy was Metro 2033 hands down. The game looks awesome and I have heard nothing but great things about it. Once my current addiction to Mass Effect dies down I will be moving on to Metro 2033.

I will say that there were a lot more than these five games that I was tempted to pick up. I am really looking forward to the Christmas holiday sales, hopefully I will be able to exercise the same restraint then like I did this last sale.


mbp said...

I too was tempted but Metro 2033 in Steams sale and thanks to a heavy snowfall I spent most of this weekend playing through the game. Very enjoyable and well worth the play through. Very Russian - the post apocalyptic setting and the graphical style remind me of Stalker. The story is more linear though and easer to play because of it. The game is quite old style in some ways. There is definitely a hint of Half life in there. I had read previously that there are a couple of annoying levels and I agree but overall a very enjoyable game.

Jayedub said...

I fired up Metro last night for a few minutes. The intro is epic, and boy does this game look good, really glad I picked it up.

Anjin said...

I actually made it through the sale okay, except I bought a copy of Torchlight for my brother. For $5 I figured I could share the love.

I won't mention anything bought since the sale though....

Jayedub said...

Is it wrong for me to be looking forward to the holiday sales on Steam? There are two games in particular that I am just hoping will go on sale.